Press Release From Managing Director

02 July 2008

Borneo Tropical Rainforest Resort is the ultimate Borneo destination for a day, a weekend or even a week. Why not indulge yourself and your senses at the Resort…

The Resort has been in operation for over a year with additions in hotel rooms, F & B outlet and hostel lodging. The Resort is delighted to announce the opening of its hostel lodging, consisting of 4 dormitory rooms with bunk beds. Each of the dorm room sleeps 28 persons, with common toilets and bathrooms. The hostel are built targeted especially for groups with limited budget and yet would like to have chance to experience mixture of wilderness and tranquility. Campsite will be available soon for those who want to get closer to nature.

The Resort is pleased to announce the newly promoted Resort Operation Manager – Mr Abdul Rani Bin Sabli – after working for more than one year as Executive Chef at the Resort. Commencing on his new position on 01 July 2008 and is enthusiastic to further develop and grow the reputation of the Resort. With changing in organizational structure and expansion with added hotel rooms and hostel lodging, the Resort is currently recruiting more energetic and talented individual to join in.

The Resort participated in Citrarasa Malaysia 2008 Jom Makan Makan event held at Boulevard Car Park in Miri, from 19 June 2008 to 22 June 2008. Among the food items on sale were Resort signature dishes, “Pansuh Manok Kampung”, “Umai”, “Nasi Bungkus Sambal Tumis”, “Bitan Kuroo La’at”, “Pulut Inti” and “Lemang”. Our young and charming sales team actively introduced these truly Borneo native cuisine to the public. Good response and thumbs up from our customers. Discounted day trip tickets and room packages were also available during the food festival event. With the extra effort from all the staff, the Resort was proud to win the “Best Décor” Award for its unique stall decoration.

Huge thanks to our customers who had supported us for the past few months: UMW Miri, Jabatan Tenaga Kerja, Sarawak Shell Berhad, Piasau Camp School, Mei Ann Methodist Church, St Columba Church, Krokop Evangelical Church, KWSP, Miri Gospel Chapel, David Allan Sagah & Teng Advocates, Hai Nan Association, Maksak, Jabatan Akauntan Negara, Petra Resources, Huang’s Tai Chi Society, SK St. Columba, Curtin University, Rukun Tetangga, Syarikat Pusakami, UPM Bintulu, Methodist Church Taman Tunku, ASEAN Bintulu Fertilizer S/B, Petronas Carigali S/B, Miri Wan Fa Tang Buddhist Society, Kelab Telekom, Chung San School, Ying Bee Company etc…

Chung San School – 23.02.2008

UPM Bintulu – 27.04.2008

ASEAN Bintulu Fertilizer S/B – 27.04.2008

Huang’s Tai Chi Society – 09.05.2008

Piasau Camp School – 12.06.2008

Come and be our guest…if the only music you want to hear is the song of the birds at dawn and the orchestra at dusk is the crescendo of the chirping cicadas.

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